About us


Hi! Thank you for considering entrusting your most precious memories to us at Post Bedtime Creations. We take tremendous pride in the satisfaction of our customers and work very hard to offer you meticulously designed keepsake jewelry at pricing that makes this service affordable to all.

Angel- Owner and artist

I am a mother of 4 great kids, a nurse, and a Certified Lactation Educator. My passion is helping women in all stages of motherhood. Crafting keepsakes honoring that journey makes my soul happy!  I started creating breastmilk jewelry after the birth of my son and after some experimenting and using my extensive chemistry background (with good and bad results) I was able to find a very specific method that properly preserved this liquid gold. I offered my work to a few local moms and a couple moms that I really admired and before I knew it, word has spread and I had orders coming in regularly. I am honored to be able to use my passion and my business to bring joy to many that wear my work!