Types of inclusions

I can create a keepsake with many different sentimental inclusions! Although breastmilk is the most popular inclusion that I work with, you'll find information on other options below. I'm always open to other ideas so if you have something not listed, please email me at postbedtimecreations@yahoo.com

Breastmilk- Please double bag 1/2-1 ounce of breast milk (frozen or fresh works all the same), and send it in a padded envelope. No chill required as it is not for consumption. Many designs can be made with as little as 10ml. We can help you choose the appropriate design 🙂

Placenta- please double bag 1 capsule. A single capsule can create 2-3 pieces. 

Flower petals/leaves- please dry your flower petals/leaves or send 2 day priority to avoid risking mold. Flower petal pieces look best when paired with a complimentary colored shimmer. 

Cremation ashes- please double bag about 1/2 teaspoon of cremation ashes and label it with the name on the order. All remaining ashes are always sent home after the keepsake has been safely delivered. Many designs can be made with as little as a generous pinch of ashes. We can help you select those designs.

Fabric- we request a snip of fabric that is about half the size of a business card. No special packaging required.

umbilical cord- a small piece of dried cord or umbilical cord stump should be bagged and labeled with the name on the order.  

Hair- a small snip of hair, 1 inch in length if possible, should be taped on one end only to a piece of paper and folded over. A background color needs to be chosen if not pairing hair with another inclusion type. 

Soil/sand- about 1/2 teaspoon of soil/sand should be double bagged. Soil looks great with a touch of shimmer or opal flecks. 


Your inclusions greatly influence the color of your finished gem. Cremation ashes can vary from a creamy color to almost black. Placenta tends to vary between brown and red. Milk gems will be similar to the color you’d see if you spread a sample out in a bag or 1-2 shades lighter due to the chemicals used to stabilize it. Adding shimmers can alter the color of your gem slightly as well. Some milk samples produced more dense appearing gems while others are more translucent. These are all factors outside of my control and what makes your gem unique!