Tree of Life-Maid in the Woods Collaboration pendant

Post Bedtime Creations

This tree of life pendant is a design collaboration with Maid in the Woods.

We offer three sizes of gems for your Tree of Life Pendant. 12mm (side tree), 25 mm (side and center tree) or classic 30mm (side tree and center tree)

This Is a two part purchase

1. Buy the wire design of your choice from Maid in the Woods. or order your wirework as a gift certificate at

2. Once you have purchased your wire wrapping from Maid in the Woods, please purchase your DNA gem here and specify your shimmer choices. At checkout please leave the full name and order number from your Maid in the Woods order. This will be attached to your completed keepsake moon when I send it to Maid in the Woods to be wrapped. Your completed order will be shipped to you from Maid in the Woods. 

3. Send in your inclusions with the directions emailed to you and we will get started 🙂

Price listed is for the DNA gem only. Your wire wrapping will be purchased through Maid in the Woods.

$ 82.00

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