Customize your keepsake with colors and shimmers!

Each keepsake I make is fully customizable, at no additional cost! Opal flecks and colored shimmer can be mixed with all inclusions. I offer a wide variety of options to really personalize your keepsake gem!

The color of your milk gem will vary depending on a number of factors and will be different from mom to mom. Shimmers/flecks all settle differently with each sample and migrate within the gem as it solidifies. This is something unique to your own milk/ashes/etc. The preservation process itself will lighten your gem ever so slightly from the color you see in the bag. Pearl shimmer has a white base and reflects the light, making your milk gem appear 1-2 shades lighter than the color of the milk in the bag.


Our collection of colored shimmers is the widest available! The photos shown below are pure colored mica shimmer. Keep in mind you gem may be slightly different in color when the mica is mixed with your materials. Also keep in mind adding darker colored shimmers to light materials can change the way opal flecks show through. Iridescent opal flecks show more blue or greens depending on what color shimmer it’s paired with. Additional inclusions such as hair, umbilical cord or fabric may not be quite as visible in darker colored but it is highly suggested to select a color or fleck in hair or flower petal gems to fully fill the gem for the best look. Breastmilk will lighten the final color (as shown in Honey and Garnet below) while soil and cremation ashes will darken the final color.

We also offer 3 different shimmers without coloring as pictured further down. These shimmers are Hypnotiq, Spell and Firework. These offer no coloring and allow the natural color of your materials to shine through, unlike like our other shimmer options do but rather just a bit of colorful shimmer. Examples below are shown with dark gems (such as soil, placenta, cremation ashes) however they can also be used in light gems like breastmilk. 

We offer a variety of opal flecks that can be used in any gem. Mix birthstone colors, favorite colors, pair with different shimmers, make it your own! Opal flecks produce a gem with large and small iridescence giving it lots of light catching sparkle! Mix and match as many different colors and shimmers as you’d like! 

These shimmers shown below are best highlighted in darker gems such as Cremation ashes, placenta, umbilical cord and soil gems however they can also be used in milk gems.

Mermaid tail shimmer (blue) pearl shimmer (white)

Oval crown ring with floral band below. Milk gem has pearl shimmer, frost flecks and rose flecks 

Milk gem with two locks of hair and opal flecks 

Introducing RAINBOW MILK!


Silver tree holds a mermaid tail milk gem with opal flecks 

copper tree holds a milk gem with gold shimmer