Shipping information

I understand that shipping your inclusions to and from the studio is a very confusing process. Properly shipping is incredibly important!

When shipping your materials to me....

  • All inclusions should be double bagged and labeled with your name and order number
  • a bubble mailer is the preferred way of shipping but boxes are acceptable as well
  • tracking is HIGHLY suggested
  • its incredibly important to follow shipping instructions. Improper packaging and sending the wrong amount of an inclusion can cause delays or changes in the look of the final product. 
  • keep in mind I process in packages once a week so a couple days could pass between delivery and processing. Don’t panic. I need to keep a strict schedule in order to guarantee organization on such an important art. Please be patient. 
  • Regular mail is perfectly ok but again, tracking is highly suggested. Turnaround time begins at package processing. 

When your order is completed...

  • I try to ship weekly when possible however the official shipping days are every other Friday evening (8/10, 8/24...)
  • If you receive a notification in between those days you can expect your package to ship on the following shipping day. 
  • Again, I must keep a strict schedule to maintain organization so please be patient. I cannot simply pop these packages in the nearest mailbox considering the highly sentimental and often irreplaceable value. Instead I must physically take them to the post office counter and have each one scanned. 
  • Your package will always have a tracking number to follow.
  • Leftover hair, ashes, flower petals and fabric will be returned to you. 
  • Your online account will also have up to date shipping information you can pull up at any time.

These pieces are HIGHLY sentimental and require a great deal of attention to detail and careful handling. I provide the same care to each piece that I’d want for me own and although it’s a process, it’s one that I feel is so worth it! 💗