Frequently Asked Questions (T&C)

 Frequently Asked Questions/Terms and Conditions

How much of my inclusion do you need?

I request 1/2 ounce of breastmilk, 1/2 teaspoon ashes, one umbillical stump, one placenta capsule, a tiny lock of hair about 1in in length, although many designs can be made with much less.

Does the age of my milk matter? Frozen vs Fresh? 

Frozen milk works all the same as fresh and as long as it has been kept cold and has no obvious color change, the age of the milk makes no difference in the finished product.

How do I ship my milk to you?

After your order is placed you will receive an email order confirmation that will contain all the information you need to ship your inclusions to me, including the address to ship your milk to and the suggested packaging. Breast milk is best shipped double bagged in breast milk storage bags, in a padded envelope. No chill is required. We highly suggest adding tracking to your package.

Does the Post Office allow breast milk to be shipped?

Yes. It just has to be marked "liquid". International orders arrive safely and it is suggested that you mark the customs form "breastmilk for preservation purposes".

Will my milk go rancid? 

Yes however that's perfectly ok since it is not for consumption. It will still preserve beautifully!

I have high lipase levels. Can you still use my milk? 


Do you take orders from overseas?

Yes, I take orders from all over the world. The process is the same and you ship your milk to me double bagged in breast milk storage bags. Regular airmail is best for shipping, you do not need anything fancy to ship. 

Can I use ziplock bags for shipping instead of breastmilk bags?

Ziplock bags can be used for shipping your milk but I do suggest adding an additional bag as they do leak a bit more often than breastmilk storage bags. 

How will I know when you've received my inclusions?

I usually suggest tracking your package as it's on the way to me for realtime notification of it's delivery. You will get an automatic email when your inclusions have been safely processed in. We process packages once a week.


Can I change my design after I have ordered?                              

Sometimes I can change a design after the order has been placed. To be sure this is possible please email me and get confirmation that the change can take place. This does get confusing so that confirmation is important. This includes all details of a design including shimmers, colors, sizes, etc. Settings are typically ordered before 3 business days after the order is placed so please understand if I cannot change the design, however all attempts will be made. Changes made by notes in your package or messages that are not confirmed will not be honored and the original details will be used to create your keepsake. There is a small window to change a detail so the quicker you contact me, the higher chance I can change it.

When will my order ship?

Turnaround time can run up to 11 full weeks from the day I receive you inclusions, often much less. Each piece is different and I cannot rush the process without compromising the quality of your keepsake. Custom orders or orders that are larger than 2 pieces could take a but longer. Please be prepared to be patient as I take all the time needed to properly preserve and create your keepsake. 

Shipping info

USPS is used to ship with delivery confirmation. I take and ship orders worldwide. You may choose priority shipping which does include insurance. This is especially suggested for international orders. We are not responsible for packages lost/damaged in shipping but will certainly try to help in any way possible. If for some reason you need to change your shipping address please log into your account and edit that information. We are legally not allowed to change your address ourselves. We will then automatically ship to the new address when your item is complete.

My order shipped but my tracking number isn't showing up yet. Is this normal?

Sometimes I print your shipping labels and send your shipment notification a little bit before your order will go out, as it enters the final stages of production. This is because our shipping process is very lengthy and detailed so labels are printed in batches to keep it organized. We know these pieces are precious so we have multiple people check your order details, polish your pieces, check the address and thoroughly inspect it multiple times before placing it in the bin for weekly pickup. Pickup days are set days each week based on carrier. Because of all of this attention to detail, it could be a week or so before you see movement, although typically less. If you do not see movement within that time frame, please remember to check your online portal for any update on the order. Occasionally a piece will be put back for a little more work if something could be just a little more perfect or if an add on item did not arrive within the timeline expected. This happens most frequently with outside add on pieces such as birthstone rings. These instances will be noted on your order and can be found by logging in. I do not send out anything that I do not feel is as perfect as possible or a piece I would like to wear so holding back an order to do more work does sometimes happen.

You can be sure that if you label was printed that your order will be going out shortly. Please watch that number, your email inbox and your online account until it's safely home.

Will my leftover materials be returned?

Due to USPS guidelines on shipping certain chemicals, leftover chemically treated milk cannot be shipped back. I store leftover milk for at least 90 days from order completion, often a bit longer, and try to send out notifications before disposal.  Cremation ashes are always returned however these are not sent with the completed order. In order to be sure all is not lost in the event of a mail loss, leftover ashes are held until the package has been confirmed as received and then shipped out the following shipping day. Leftover hair is always sent back with the completed keepsake unless it is specified that it is a loss keepsake (in which case the same procedure for cremation ashes is used). Leftover umbilical cord is sent home in the same manor as cremation ashes. Please keep in mind we cannot ship leftover materials to an address other than what is on the order and we 7-14 days can go between shipping days. 

I want something slightly custom
When ordering, please keep in mind that there are many custom details I can accommodate, and some I cannot. If you have something slightly different in mind, please email me at before ordering

How long do I have to send my milk in?
I usually ask that milk is sent within 90 days 

What is your refund policy?
Strict monthly limits are set on each design in my shop. When purchasing your keepsake, you are actually purchasing a custom keepsake slot. I offer refunds only if requested within 3 business days and only if materials have not been purchased. After that, refunds are not issued as your materials are ordered and this is no longer an available keepsake slot for others to fill. I can often change some details of your order but canceling it completely is no longer possible.  When your keepsake is delivered, please inspect it carefully. All handmade jewelry has character and will not be perfect however if you find something wrong please notify us within 5 days. We cannot be responsible for damages after that time but will do our best to help when repairs are needed. 

How do I care for my keepsake?
Properly caring for your keepsake is the key to ensuring a long life for the jewel. I always suggest treating these pieces as precious jewels. Cleaning the gem should be done with a soft cloth and warm water. Silver polishing cloths can be used on silver findings that may periodically tarnish and require cleaning. With the number of cleaning chemicals out there, it is not possible for me to be sure which ones will damage the gem and which ones will not so I always suggest avoiding any abrasive chemical. The keepsake is waterproof but I do recommend removing it before bathing or swimming. Alcohol based cleaners are especially harmful to the finish on your gem. Extended, direct sun exposure should also be avoided. Please also note that the metal used in each design is listed on that design description and all birthstones are simulated. It is not possible for us to determine what metals a person may be most sensitive to or how your body chemistry may react with each metal but we are happy to answer questions about the materials used in each design. Tarnish is a natural property of silver and just as with any silver jewelry, will require a polishing cloth to periodically restore it to its original shine.

Rewards Program Terms and Conditions

Our rewards program is a great opportunity to earn discounts, free shipping or credit up to 200.00 on your order! By signing up you agree to the rules and guidelines of this program put in place to keep this program running smoothly.

  • Reward coupon codes cannot be combined with any other coupon code and cannot be combined with other reward codes. 
  • Rewards cannot be applied to previous orders or flash sales in which we use an invoicing system.
  • Reward codes can be traded back in for the return of the points if requested within 7 days of coupon code award. To do this, you must send us an email with the code you were given. Points may take up to 5 business days to show up in your account once re-awarded.
  • Referral links are a great way to earn the most credit. Your friend gets a discount code and you get rewards too. Please do not post these links on any PBTC social media, PBTC Facebook group page. Anywhere else is fair game!
  • PBTC rewards program reserves the right to terminate this program at any time although not a likely occurrence. 
  • PBTC rewards questions should be sent to and we will return your message within 24-48 business hours. Please keep in mind this program is run by a program separate from PBTC and it may take us a day or so to get an answer to your question. 


Each piece I make is carefully crafted by hand. Because of this, each piece is different and no piece is truly flawless. I do attempt to correct any noticeable or major flaws but small air bubbles, color swirls, or other tiny marks can likely be found under close inspection of any piece. If the flaw is distracting to the look of the piece I am open to repairs on a case by case basis.

Additionally, each inclusion sample you send in is unique. Hair settles differently in each piece, placenta varies in color slightly and milk of course widely varies. Flecks, shimmers and colors will settle differently within the gem as it solidifies. These details are beyond my control and part of what makes your gem uniquely yours. These details will not impact the life of your jewelry.

Please try to remember to remove your jewelry before swimming, bathing, cleaning, hand washing or any other activity that puts your precious gem in possible contact with any oil, cleaner, soap or other chemical. Accidents do happen and can sometimes be corrected so if something happens please email me and I can try to help.